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Rayscan Plus
 Participated in 2013 KIMES Exhibition.
Patent certification of DMD D-2000.
 Participated in 2012 KIMES Exhibition.
CE Certification for Medical Film Digitizer DMD D-2000.
Participated in 2012 GMES Exhibition.
Development of PACS software.
Participated in 2012 World Nuclear and Radiation Expo Korea.
 Participated in 2011 KIMES Exhibition.
Exported to 4 foreign countries.
Development of DMD D-2000.
 Participated in 2010 KIMES Exhibition.
More than 100 hospitals and medical centers using “Rayscan Plus”
Exported to 3 foreign countries.
 KGMP Certification for Rayscan Plus.
KFDA Approval for Medical Image Processor.
Korea’s first Medical Film Digitizer “Rayscan Plus” developed.
 DIMEDI Co.,Ltd. established.
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