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Rayscan Plus

Image Processing Support

• Measurement after PHANTOM Calibration
   - Periodic Quality Assurance of PHANTOM ensures precision
   - Read and Assess Shewart Control Chart of BMD data by criteria.
• Forecast Child’s Potential Height based on the genetic factors of Parent and Child
• Measures Annual Growth Speed, Bone Age, BMI(Body Mass Index) compared with
   Standard data of Child’s age
• Measurement Body Part: Heel, Wrist, and etc.
• OS : Window XP, Vista, 7
• Printer : Inkjet, Laser

• The Graph Plate calculates the length and width of the bone and compares it with the
   standard height and weight in a corresponding age, it provides a graph
• Compares the standard value with the predicted growth speed, bone’s age and obesity etc.
• After diagnosis prints the results the doctor’s office or so.

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