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Rayscan Plus

Image Processing Support

• Measurement after PHANTOM Calibration

- Since the measurement of the BMD need the bone's quality
   it is essential that precision and accuracy are excellent.
- Periodic Quality Assurance of PHANTOM ensures precision
- Read and Assess Shewart Control Chart of BMD data by criteria.

• Excellent Re-productivity and Accuracy of measuring parameter (less than 5%)
- Less than 1% (PHANTOM)

• Trend Graph of patient
- Compares the Standard value with the measured BMD value of each patient.

• Measurement body part : Spine, Hip, Forearm, and etc.
• OS : Window XP, Vista, 7
• Printer : Inkjet, Laser

• Graph of BMD data of each measuring part compared with standard of age
• Numerical data of BMD, BMI(Body Mass Index) compared with standard
• Prints measurement sheets after all procedures
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