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Rayscan Plus


Radiology Information System or RIS medical software is utilized most commonly in the global world. PACS digitizes image data. RIS operation system manages and maintains data from when a patient is admitted to radiology, exam appointments, medical image tomography, as well as exam results and reports.
The purpose of RIS is for radiologists to improve work efficiency by maintaining a patient information system.

Easy to use, access, monitor & install

• Whenever, where ever. Quickly and conveniently search radiology patient nformation, order information, etc.,.
• Through a system and interface, data such as patient information, medical imaging exam reports are interfaced with RIS, PACS, HIS and the user can search relevant data throughout all systems

Support Standards

• Interfaced to all medical information systems.  Data can be accessed easy and conveniently, when needed.

Remote Support
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